Saturday, November 5, 2011


Our next post will have information on the progress of the wonderful new student initiated community greenhouse now being erected at the Land & Sea Garden site across from the High School and Middle School on Blair Ave. 
Students from Jenny Wilson's Community Projects class, heroically mentored by Marion Melville, and mightily assisted by adult volunteers contractor Terry Whalen, the generous John Stamey, the hardworking Chris Wilson, Jim and Cathy Cole, able go-to person Helen Venada, generous John Towson and his youth Leo Lions crew, and other kind volunteers have spent a number of weekends putting up this lovely greenhouse, and need only a few more days, and a few more able hands to finish up this pretty building which will provide a community site for greenhouse growing for years to come. 
Please stay posted for more information on the next date and time we will be finishing this building up - maybe you can come and take part! 

Also look here in coming days for more info on the new greenhouse.

Please write to with questions, or call Linda at 350-317-5890