Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Manager Aaron King at the Palace Theater tells us the movie we've been hearing so much about, "FOOD, INC." will be playing matinees this week , starting Friday
(call 370-5666 for showtimes)
We'll have handouts on where to buy local available to viewers by Sat. (Also, check links at right for info on island farmers and farmstands.)

Tell your friends and make an outing of it -

See "Food, Inc." this weekend, and know and support your local farmer!! (See links at right for more info on that!)
And thank you, Aaron! (We asked, he got it - what a guy!)

Also, remember that incredible Salt Spring Island farmer from "Island on the Edge"? (Borrow the DVD from the library - it is great!) -Well, we'll post about this again later, but we just got a note from Jane Burton Bell at the Ag Guild:
"Could you post the info about the Michael Ableman
talk, 'Thinking Like an Island' to your blog? Here’s the scoop:
A harvest potluck of local foods at the
Mullis Centre at 6 pm on Friday, October 23rd will be followed by a talk
by Salt Spring farmer, writer, speaker and photographer, Michael Ableman.
For more information on Michael, please see www.fieldsofplenty.com.
Prepare to be inspired by this proponent of sustainable agriculture and
regional food systems!

Tickets at: SJI Farmers Market, Market Chef, and Griffin Bay Books.
Suggested ticket price is $10, though no one will be denied a ticket.
For more information, contact:
Rebecca Moore bluemoonproduce@gmail.com or
Jane Burton Bell janeburtonbell@hotmail.com
Sponsored by the SJI Ag Guild and SJI Farmers’ Market."

Aren't we lucky? Thank you Rebecca and Jane!!

Ian at San Juan Update, Jack at the Island Guardian,
Sharon at San Juan Islander & Richard at the Journal; thanks for your links to our page,
and also your work keeping islanders up to date!