Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Garlic in the garden. We're not using the irrigation system at this point - there is plenty of water still falling as rain!

One of Keith's lovely older pruning tools. He likes these even better than the modern metal ones   available these days - the older wood ones are lighter and work really well! Keith said he found these in Eastern WA.

Here's one of the apples after pruning.

And a couple of the pears a few weeks later, now showing more signs of buds and leaves.

The educational podiums at the garden, school in background
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Some of the current info in the podiums.

In the garden, looking towards the SJ County's Administration building. The garlic is looking great!

Tree Pruning Workshop For Older Trees This Sat. at Land &Sea Garden on Blair Ave! 
Movie, "FLOW', Wed night at Drs Office Cafe!

Trees in late summer
Hi Everyone! 
This Saturday, for anyone interested in learning a bit about pruning older fruit trees - The apple and pear trees located at our Land &Sea Garden site on Blair St. across from the High School and Middle School will be pruned this Saturday, at 10 am. 

This simple workshop will be about an hour long, and will be of help to people who have older fruit trees.
If you're interested in attending, please let us know
by emailing back to slowfoodlandandsea@gmail.com. or call Linda at 317-5890 (leave a message).
We hope to film the pruning - wish us luck!