Thursday, May 13, 2010


Update: Here's another great site:
ESPECIALLY FOR YOUNG FARMERS AND FARMERS-TO-BE: Looking for farms to manage, or someone to manage your farm? That and a lot lot lot more, especially for young farmers, on the Greenhorns/The Irresistable Fleet of Bicycles. It is absolutely fantastic! Links to other young farmers, learning opportunities, and what looks like a great film. (getting some ideas here..another film for our informal ongoing film fest/teach in...)
Here's another good site, too - Sustainable Food Jobs -
It's a simple, streamlined site - very helpful. They list by state with descriptions and links.
Here are their Washington state current listings as of 5/12/10. Type in the state(s) you're looking into, or other keywords, in the search box at the top of the page.
They have listings for both volunteer, internship, and paid jobs, also a Connect More page with links to helpful organizations.
Check it out, graduates and young people!

Eco-Farm is also EXCELLENT - they have a great GenNext page which is a blog page with writing from very new younger farmers and farmworkers sharing their experiences and exchanging advice - some just getting started - and a GMO update page that is very good.
(Also, for jobs and internship opportunities, scroll down to check the Apprenticeships, Internships heading, on the links listed along the right side here on our main page. You'll find tons of links at the right side of our main page for all sorts of opportunities, including ATTRA, also a great site. Also look under the Island Grown heading, on the right of our page, further down, for a listing of local farms and producers for local job possibilities...And here's the link to an online student led slideshow-blog tour of the Evergreen State College sustainable farm/Center for Ecological Living program.

image from Evergreen College Organic Farm program (CELL)