Thursday, February 18, 2010

Of San Juan Island Wheat Flour, Alfalfa defense, CSA's and Lovely, Lovely Vegetables

Very Exciting! - Besides letting us know about the Senate passing of WA Senate bill 6349 (see post below), the amazing Eleanor Hartman, along with Anna Spears, at our incredible San Juan Island Food Co Op have what they believe to be the first commercially produced flour grown on San Juan Island in decades, for sale at the Co Op while supplies last. So far, what we know is it's grown by Kim Sundstrom, HERE, and is in 25 lb Fairhaven Flour bags signed by Mr. Sundstrom. They're beautiful!!
We'll post a picture ASAP.
Other great news
In addition to all their other fantastic island growers, the Co Op now has gorgeous Nootka Rose produce in their new glass cooler.
  • Uprising Seeds from Acme/Bellingham, just to the east, has their new wonderful little seed catalogue out for this year. They're the first 100% certified organic seed co. in WA state, and have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. This young family writes stories about all their growers so you can be familiar with every place they get their seeds (they have a GREAT web page.)
  • ORGANIC ALFALFA (WHAT ALL ORGANICALLY RAISED LIVESTOCK, INCLUDING MILK PRODUCERS, EAT) - NEEDS YOUR HELP - NOW! Please go to our Actions page for a more info and links, or directly to this alert.
Also, please contact your WA state Representative about passing bill 6349!

So, how about all those blossoms already on the trees?!!