Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi Everyone!

The Farmer's Market's next Saturday, 1/2/10 in Friday Harbor. Lots & lots of vegetables. apples, cheese for chomping on with crackers, amazing things from the bakeries, all kinds of woolen goods, beautiful soaps you need - really! - well-made artisan items, very healthy grass-fed local beef, pork, lamb - in cuts and sausages, hot coffee... Grab a bag & go!! and get what ever you don't pick up there at the fabulous Co-Op, island farmstands and the States Inn ranch store.

On another subject - If you are one who has a few dollars for investment purposes, Candace and Bruce heard about and sent us links to the Slow Money Alliance. Experienced people initiating an infrastructure & putting together investment in organic, sustainable, and local, within 50 miles of where you live. It is such a good idea, with wonderful possibilities!

During these winter months, the ocean still abides...Can we keep this source of food and life healthy? Matt & Maureen Marinkovich keep a great fish blog with information on what is happening with the local salmon here. At our highly enjoyable Land & Sea dinner at Marinkovich's two weeks ago, Maureen showed a compelling 20 minute documentary "Farmed Salmon Exposed". We plan to show it again in different free venues in the community, along with showings of the stunning "Food Inc.", the enraging and endearing "King Corn" (great music - that webpage will make you smile. A lot.), and the much-honored and excellent movie, "Flow", in addition to other films, in a film festival featuring delicious hot popcorn. (We will use butter.) We'll keep you updated on that.

Last but not least-
Please look at our Land & Sea Actions page (click here), and take a minute to take a simple action. One, + one + one ... Can make a difference!