Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buy Local

How important is local agriculture to our local economy?

One in every six US consumers surveyed by analyst group Mintel are going out of their way to buy local food products as much as possible, with potential for further growth, according to recent findings.

However, the research company said stronger promotion activities may be required to play up potential benefits to the consumer of local goods in order to ensure more mainstream acceptance.

About 30 per cent of the 2000 adult respondents questioned said they would purchase local goods and services, but were unable to locate them - earning themselves the titles of ‘aspirational locals’ by the analyst.

Our county ARC and Ag Guild work locally to help the public find out what local products are available, and find great ways to help local farmers and producers market them. (Examples - Farmers Market (Ag Guild), and the Island Certified Local (ICL) Stamp (ARC).

Check the post below to see how you can support our local Agricultural Resource Committee (ARC) and the Ag Guild which is a part of it. Let's let the county know we support their work. It can mean a healthier environment, healthier food available locally, and JOBS.
(And while you're at it - check out the Island Grown Farmers Cooperative IGFC and mobile processing unit - wonderful, healthy pastured meats from our islands are available packaged and USDA inspected because of this great program initiated by the Lopez Community Land Trust. These meats are available at the San Juan Food Co-op the Farmers Market and the many island farm stands listed at links on the right ).
Also, look at Margaret Thorson's letter to aspiring winter growers, (Post 4/6/09)
Margaret says Joel will be giving a "pep talk" for winter gardeners just after 1 pm next Saturday, after the 1st outdoor Farmers Market of the season on April 25th!
For more info on Market time and place and more.Go to the SJI Farmers Market site