Thursday, March 19, 2009


First-Bulletin: Very important - Please look at this post from the Organic Consumers Union,
& pass it on... (take action here, and read more about NAIS and Monsanto in "Look Out!" links at right, and 2/19 Territorial Seed post, below)

Next, Quick check in - We had a GREAT visit from Rebecca Roebber of the Kallari chocolate cooperative!
Becca visited with our Land & Sea Youth high school club + advisors and friends; the 5th grade classes of Debbie Taylor, CJ Wavra and Jay Westphalen at FH Elem., and 3 of Jim McNairy's classes combined with 2 of Ruthie Paull's cooking classes at FH High School. Becca also gave a well received presentation at the FH Library (thank you Adrienne Bourne, Beth Helstein and Floyd, tech expert), and we had a wonderful evening with many island farmers. (Thank you 3/17 incarnation of the All You Can Eat Band!). The assistance of both Tom Schultz and the last minute computer expertise of Bruce Gregory helped make the presentation in the hayloft possible. Thank you Jim and Christina, also Casey, Vince, Tim, and Tito!
Our island gave Becca a wonderful reception, and this capable young woman did a great job doing not only her planned part but filling in for the missing (and missed)
Enrique, telling us about the production of chocolate worldwide, and the inspiring ongoing story of Ecuador's Kallari cooperative. In exchange, Linda told Becca about fresh milk and Becca decided to write a paper on dairy farmers as a result! Thank you so much, Becca! Mucho gusto.
For more info on Kallari, please check the last 2 posts below. (Mouse over highlighted words for links). Kallari choc. is available at Compost it! in FH & may become available at the SJI Co op soon. Maureen will give discounts on the chocolate to island farmers. There were questions for Becca about the cooperative that we are getting the answers for ( the name of liqified cacao nibs; questions on Kallari farmers' soil amendments and pruning techniques, etc.). We'll post that info here as soon as we get it.
Thanks to everyone who participated!
One more inspiring bit of news:
In late 2008, Ecuador's government added a new amendment to the country's constitution protecting the rights of ecosystems, making Ecuador the 2nd country in the world (Switzerland is the 1st) to protect the rights of plants. (see post below, Feb 6th, 2009)