Thursday, February 5, 2009

Land & Sea Youth Club is participating in Part II of our clay/cob/earthen oven building workshop this weekend. These are the first 2 of many earthen building workshops we're going to sponsor. Our great friend Ryan Browne is teaching. We will hold more of these workshops, and will post the times and the places here as they are scheduled- maybe we can build one at your house! The primary materials for the oven - clay and sand - are right from our island, and the skills learned can be used to build walls, ovens, even houses! Our oven will be a great place to bake bread and pizzas - the skills we gain will be used to build another oven at our club garden!
Clay's a great building material; breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, strong, and readily available.
It's also a material that been used successfully in building for thousands of years, and with correct design is well suited to the northwest. We're happy to be able to make more information available on this new/old technology. This is very fun!

Events we have scheduled for all our members, young and old, in the next few months are: chocolate tastings and other events, with representatives of chocolate growers such as these in Feb. and March, including a March event with Madden Surbaugh at Steps, bakery events, and more work with clay/cob. We will also be working on mapping and propagation of island heritage fruit trees; education about native and traditional island food plants; development of Youth Club garden with growing, animal husbandry and composting skills; farmworker training sessions; food preservation workshops; education on salmon, including filleting and cooking; farm tours; milk education; outreach to other cultures/farmers/producers; and food activist information.
We will keep you posted as events come up.

Slow Food Land & Sea has also made GMO-Free Food Buying Guides and informational brochures available, for free, inside the
San Juan Community Food Co-Op.
The Co-Op is located off Malcolm Street, in the Surina Business Park, (first shop on the right after you enter the park.)
The Co-Op is FANTASTIC! - economical - well worth joining.
(See info on how posted on the Co-Op door.)

And. speaking of joining, please consider joining the amazing Slow Food USA. (When you join SFUSA, you can also become a member of our local convivium, too.)
Slow Food USA and International are accomplishing a lot, and you can be a part of making this difference in the world.