Saturday, November 15, 2008


This October we had the first meetings of the new FH Land and Sea Youth Slow Food high school club. We have fantastic, interested student members. Organizing along with Maureen and Linda, we are very happy to have Friday Harbor high school teacher Mr. Marc Vermeire as our staff advisor, and much advice and assistance also from farmer and educator Mrs. Margaret Thorson.
This weekend we'll have our 3rd meeting and second field trip event.

Our first event was was a trip to a local farm. The kids learned about, and saw, milking at a local dairy, talked with farmer Tim McGee about biodynamic farming, irrigation, composting, greenhouses.

We also visited the San Juan Food Co Op, and a local farm stand. We heard how to join the co-op and take part in a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. Then we walked next door to the Marinkovich's, cracked store bought eggs and compared them to our local farm grown, grass fed eggs. And after that, we had a delicious scrambled egg, potato and biscuit breakfast. We talked over bites about Slow Food USA and Slow Food international, the organizations and programs we are now a part of, food activism, WWOOF'ing, and the beginning of our Land and Sea Slow Food high school farmworker training program, among other things.

We also made plans for our next trip which we'll write more about this coming Sunday..