Sunday, September 7, 2008

the sweet taste of summer

We're finishing compiling our SF,SF Congress report, but, in the meantime, here on our island, what about the blackberries? The last hot days have made them ripe & sweet, and they're everywhere. It's great to spread them out on a cookie sheet, cover them with a sheet of wax paper, and freeze them, and then pour them, bouncing off each other like little wooden beads, back into freezer storage bags to defrost by the handful in the middle of winter.
Anybody want to organize a blackberry/raspberry/loganberry/marionberry (is that what they are?) pickers group? A guy could wear long sleeves, thick pants, and use a drop cloth to reach far into some of those brambles as you go. And those of us with freezer space could do a festival of freezing. Magically delicious! And how about those apples?
Time to learn about drying and preserving if we haven't already.