Wednesday, October 15, 2008


And it's been a busy fall, so, Maureen and Linda are still putting together their notes and photos from the Congress - In the meantime...

We are happy the school's lunch program is underway and we're happy Land and Sea Slow Food convivium was there to help as major support to get it started.

And now we're ready to continue on with our Land and Sea Slow Food projects! :

The high school Land and Sea Slow Food Club is on track to have its first meeting next week, with Mr. Vermeire as staff advisor;

A gleaning crew is being assembled by Marian Melville to help farmers glean (more details in an upcoming post);

We've been talking about a simple way to start to survey the old fruit trees on the island (more details also in our next post).

Linda is working with Grace Kelly on a project created by Maureen, photographing our island's farmers.(Linda drives; Grace photographs.) Grace is considering a future slide show for the benefit of farmers, and planning this photo project as a senior project. Our convivium is excited to provide the support for Grace on this lovely project, documenting an important part of our island life and economy;

And, we plan to get together with a few people from other Slow Food conviviums in our area - to meet, come up with new ideas, and maybe eat and laugh a little. Looks like after the winter holidays might be a good time for this!

Great things have come about on the island since our last general meeting this summer; soon it will be time for another general meeting where we can talk about all the above, and also new ideas and interests. We'll send notice as soon as a time and place is set.
To contact Land and Sea, write to
or call Maureen Marinkovich 472-0880 or Linda Degnan Cobos 317-5890