Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FAIR WEEK everybody is busy!! Matt Marinkovich is back from fishing in Alaska and will be doing a demonstration at the Fair on Friday at 11 in the Ag Tent in the heart of the fairgrounds, with King Salmon from Bellingham Bay. Check out Matt's new blog, Matt's Fresh Fish, and the many fantastic Ag Tent demonstrations here. From Marinkovich fish list email:

Lady Ruth - A Cold Night"Matt is back from fishing. I have made a little blog for him so you can keep updated on your local fisherman. I have posted a video about sea lice. It is animated and fun for the whole family. Everyone should watch it. It is quite possibly one of the main reasons for the low abundance of Frasier River sockeye. There are masses of fish farms directly in the migratory path of small fry heading out to sea. The San Juan Island sockeye are part of the Frasier River run so we depend on healthy stocks for a commercial fishery down here. Alas, abundance is very low so we will not be fishing for sockeye in the Puget Sound this year. Matt has brought home Bristol Bay sockeye that he caught this year. This is available to you. Matt went fishing last night in Bellingham Bay and caught a couple of King Salmon, not enough for all of us yet, but there is a way to taste this fish. Matt is doing a fillet demonstration at 11:00 a.m. at the Ag Tent on Friday of the fair so that is a good time to watch and learn and hopefully taste a snippet of heaven. Madden Surbaugh will be also be serving Matt's fish in his restaurant, Steps. This provides you with a great opportunity to eat local local. Money is precious and should be spent wisely. Eating at Steps is money well-spent. Take time to go out and eat a special meal at Steps and support our community!"
Madden always serves locally grown food and always works hard to support local agriculture at Steps Cafe (and Wine Bar) (directions, map). He has great new daily specials, a new happy hour with burgers and tacos (!), and serves lunch across the walkway at the Naked Bean coffee shop. (map)

More about fishing - comment period just ended to open up the Gulf of Mexico to fish farming, but you can still contact your legislators now about how this dangerous practice needs to end. As you can see from Maureen's note above, this is affecting us all. Let's take care of Mother Earth.
Read more here from Food and Water Watch.

A lot is happening in our government regarding food and water regulations including fisheries - but that's not all -
while we are busy with summer. We will be posting about bills such as H.R. 2749 which just passed the House and is to go on to the Senate soon. A great blog from a CSA farmer in Texas - Home Sweet Farm - with some great links on the new Food Safety Enhancement Act (HR 2749 text).
What's happening to the Frasier sockeye is an example of what happens when we don't have a chance to pay attention.
Contacting your legislators can be crucial.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What a great place we live in!

Blackberries are getting ripe...
Hi - We'll be posting soon (after the fair) with pictures - in the meantime:

Going to the mainland for a summer outing (restocking supplies, doing errands, and trying to make that ferry)? Love the Skagit Co-op and Tacos Guaymas, but want to have a change of pace for breakfast or lunch? In old Burlington, there is the Cafe Burlington. It looks like a regular coffee shop, but is something special. Sit down in one of the booths or at the counter, or outside tables, and look at the menu - Besides great milkshakes and a large coffee shop selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you'll see that their beef is from Skagit River Ranch (organic), and eggs, poultry and produce and the rest of the menu is organic, and purchased locally whenever possible, which means often. They also have excellent espresso, and did I say milkshakes? - the good kind? All the food is very good, the place is good looking, the atmosphere is coffee shop friendly - I like that. Here's their webpage. To get there, continue east on 20 (instead of heading right towards the malls and Costco at the light, go left after going under the I -5 overpass, map); then turn right on Fairhaven. The cafe is a couple blocks down, on the left and looks like - that's right - a happy little coffee shop. The owners have been cooking local and organic at Cafe Burlington since 2004! And this part of old small town Burlington has a number of nice little shops that can also use your support.

Speaking of support - support our local San Juan Community Co-Op - it's fantastic!!
Amazing grocery and beautiful island produce selection, amazing prices, dedicated volunteers, and in a beautiful little spot near Chinmayo in the Surina Business Park on Malcom - its's right on your way! Check it out - it just gets better and better - and, they have ice cream! Becoming a member is easy, and they're open on Wednesdays for non members. Directions here, and see a few more details a few posts down..Yay Community Co-Op!